The Saturn System - innovative Coffee Capsule brewing

- New brewing technology (patented)

- New capsule shapes (patented)

- Read more: Excerpt from patent application (German only) here

New Brewing Machine (patented)

  • No more capsule jamming in the brewing unit
  • No more sump formation in the waste container
  • Competitive price over other popular machines
  • New smooth rotation lever system
  • Large water tank with indicator

New Capsule shapes (patented)

  • New symmetrical shape
  • Cost effective capsule
  • Better recycling options
  • More compact packaging
  • New eyecatching design

Improved brewing system with new capsule shapes

Industrial business advantages of the
patented brewing machine and capsule shapes

20 year patent protection

The new patented system sets itself apart from the normal market coffee machines. As a result, there is protection throughout a period of 20 years from now.

Low production cost of brewing machine

The machine with these advantages for the future can be made at the same price as current popular brewing machines on the market. Most of the parts of the machines are plastic injection-molded parts that are low cost.

Cost effective and simple production process of capsule

The capsule case contains much less aluminium, a costly resource. And the new capsule shapes guarantee a very simple production process.

Upgradeable to fully automatic

Very simple modular conversion to fully automatic motor version without any changes to the brewing system. Here the mechanical driving force can be done through a motor instead of manually.

Dual machine is easy to build

The modular brewing system is simple such that a coffee machine with two brewing systems can be completed easily.

Adaptable to different capsule shapes

This innovative design of modular brewing system is very easily adaptable to different capsule shapes

Unique brewing system

The patented brewing system stands out from traditional brewing systems, since the coffee capsule is brewed in a closed and sealed system.

Easily marketable capsule

The capsule shapes designs are a direct hit for marketing.

Establish a unique and innovative production line…
Become an industry leader…